Moe Norman the greatest golfer you never heard of !

R.I.P  Moe

The Jesus shot!!!!!!!!

ok more incidents our recent event at warley woods is again marred by lack of organization. Matt forgot to call Gary to tell him that we were playing it wasn't until the very morning that i happened to ask and found out. I called Gary and he made it on time well done . Matt managed to turn up without his wallet again which is becoming a regular occurrence. 

Due to the fact that no trophy's have been awarded this year i have a proposal that the end of the society's year will finish on Sunday 07/08/2011.I have amended the scoresaver software to calculate from the 01/08/2010 giving a full year and to run concurrently for following years. I suggest that an evening out and presentation to be arranged after each year. Can i also propose that a each member buys a bouquet of flowers and a small gift for their respective partners in appreciation for being a golfing widow i think this would be a well received gesture.

A new year dawns and new challenges. A recent surge of wins by Mathew who may be nominated for the new smug git award and Garry's steady  improvement when he turns up or stays the coarse!
has made it interesting. looks like i will have to improve to fend off Laural and Hardy this year.

 A big thank you to Gary as it seems he no longer wants to play with the Society opting instead
to play on his own at Brandhall while the society was waiting for him at Hill Top (couldn't organize a meltdown at a furnace)

 There has been a claim for the longest drive. But unfortunately there has been a breach of rule 4 IE: that all members must be in attendance and be witness.
 due to the work commitments attendance has declined therefore it is with regret that all scores for this year have not been entered. People not turning up(Gary),or walking off the coarse (Matt) or forgetting to print sheets (Me) has made it impossible to keep track.


any info you would like here please let me know.
  It apparent that there are certain members are not handing in their scorecards, if you can appreciate the time and effort involved in producing them then hand them in they are for your benefit. Please refer to rule 12 in your handbook " Failure to return scorecards will result in round disqualification"or castration.


   Members who fail to turn up (Matt),forget their shoes(Matt),or battery for their cart(Matt),wallet (Matt)or any instance of forgetfulness (dementia) will be dealt with by the committee.

   The recent fiasco when a members wife called a member on the coarse having just completed the first hole to inform them their Daughter had Swine Flu, We all rushed home to find her running about quite normal, which was a relief but what next ?she needs a nappy change!

 This latest one take the p**s
 recently a member forgets his golf clubs(Gary).
 WHAT! is going on. To many weekends away eating funny cake from Amsterdam or Zinc fumes ?